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January 10, 2018 News

’s new allows you to maintain continuous in today’s and education environments. ’s e-board displays offer an , all-in-one alternative that expands idea generation possibilities. Along the way, the QBH-TR offers a comfortable, intuitive and fully-connected forum that facilitators and participants will enjoy. The e-board has a built-in quad core CPU and wi-fi module and features 16/7 operation. The intuitive interface allows quick access to mirroring and real-time notation and saving, and the Working function enables users to toggle between multiple screens. Up to four users can write simultaneously using the provided pen or virtually any other tool. The embedded MagicIWB S5 solution (powered by ) facilitates discussion management and organisation. Pull and edit content on remote laptops directly through the central utilising touch functionality. The powerful Knox system secures the Remote connection to protect against information leakage and meddling.

Samsung: displaysolutions.samsung.com

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