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February 9, 2018 News

’s new -KMC20 is composed of eight 4mm capsules aligned in a configuration featuring Pure (PAT).

Given its line array characteristics, the Capture shows a minimal variation of gain with distance. As a result, the distance between the orator and the microphone is not crucial and he is able to move towards or away from the mic freely without significantly affecting the volume or audio quality.

The polar is cardioid in the and very narrow in the plane, so when mounted vertically, not only does the mic not pick up sound from behind but it’s also insensitive to sounds that come from above and below, strongly reducing the amount of ambient sound captured.

Being very wide in the horizontal plane, a single microphone can pick up more people and gives maximum freedom of movement to the right and left without volume fluctuations.

When mounted horizontally, the capture is very wide on the vertical plane and very narrow on the horizontal plane, resulting in capturing only the person in front of the microphone while standing or sitting.

The microphone’s slender frame is shaped from a 6x6mm solid square brass bar using a milling cutter with bits less than 2mm in radius. It’s meticulously pieced together welding 2mm- and 4mm- tall capsules to a 0.6mm-thick electronic board then two 0.3mm-thick stainless steel grills are micro-stretched over the frame. The frame is secured in place by two plates screwed one on top of the other.

Finally, all the components are sandblasted to obtain a homogeneous opaque finish and embellished with a black ruthenium galvanic bath.

And given its thickness of 6mm, these thin microphones are discreet for a variety of applications in conference halls, boardrooms, houses of worship and TV studios.

K-Array: www.k-array.com
Australian Distributor: www.nationalaudio.com.au

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