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June 7, 2017 News

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At the 2017 stand (#6569), visitors will find dedicated sections for mobile and installation solutions. Joining the product ranges together is a toolkit fit for all, including the d&b Workflow and an ever growing choice of integration and interoperability solutions.

The d&b Workflow incorporates a complete software package and unlocks the full potential of any d&b system. Here users can get hands on with this universally-adopted way of working through planning and optimisation, to and .

2017 installation highlights include selected loudspeakers from the , including the latest 24S and 21S-SUB additions. With a frequency response extending from 55Hz to 18kHz, these flexible point sources are the perfect all in one solution for houses of worship, live performance venues, multipurpose centres and sports venues. Alongside, the elegant passive cardioid columns of the xC- will also show that high quality audio can be achieved without compromising sensitive interiors. The installation-targeted 10D takes care of amplification with all the DSP capability and future readiness of its mobile counterparts.

Meanwhile on the mobile side there’s a new trio in town — the JYV Messengers. Together these three established Series represent the seamless combining of d&b point source and line array technologies, acoustically and visually. At the stand the story shines a light on the V-Series’ point source and ground stacked solutions, as well as the Y-Series’, the littlest line array in the set. Plus, the four channel D20 amplifier makes a compelling case for light to medium SPL requirements in the mobile world.

InfoComm will also offer a peak into the d&b Soundscape an all-enveloping approach to the future of sound reinforcement. Operating on the DS100 platform, Soundscape will enable sound designers with multidimensional source placement, acoustic room simulation and signal matrix processor capability. The product is presently scheduled for release in early 2018.

The d&b team will host show in demo room #W232AB where the new 24S and 21S-SUB will be demonstrated as part of the d&b Workflow and utilised as part of the d&b Soundscape. The Workflow presentations will take place at 9am and 1pm daily, and the d&b Soundscape will occur at 11am each day with additional 3pm sessions Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

d&b audiotechnik: www.dbaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.nationalaudio.com.au

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