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June 21, 2018 News

has announced its new , the . Designed for use in systems, the new expander provides a reliable digital interface via USB. The Tesira EX-UBT is not limited by the specification-defined maximum USB connection length of 15ft. The new Tesira EX-UBT also can transport USB digital reliably throughout a customer’s network. It is ideal for installations requiring multiple USB inputs or in projects using Tesira Server or Server-IO as the DSP adding an on-board USB connection.

“As USB connections become increasingly common, people want to be able to connect and go,” said Chris Fitzsimmons, product manager at Biamp. “The Tesira EX-UBT expander is designed to simplify installations and enable a seamless transition between technologies, whether you’re moving your mobile phone call into a conference room or want to add background music. Both capabilities are now possible within a very small device.”

The Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Tesira EX-UBT expander supports up to eight channels of configurable USB audio as well as wireless technology, which is enabled and configured through the Tesira software. Using , the EX-UBT provides integrators with a cable-free solution for teleconferencing using soft codecs, continuing a mobile phone call into a meeting room, or supplying background music such as in a hospitality setting. The EX-UBT is the perfect solution for a variety of room types and sizes that require USB audio delivered in a small form factor.

Biamp: www.biamp.com
Australian Distributor: www.jands.com.au

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