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February 12, 2018 News

Featuring intuitive use, simple set-up and flexible web remote functionality, the is a six-channel ideal for installed application in retail, hospitality, civic and meeting spaces.

’s SmartMixer technology allows channels to be mixed automatically in gate or gain sharing mode, ensuring consistent, high-quality audio from all inputs, without the introduction of feedback, excessive ambient noise, or comb filtering.

and on the mixer’s front panel allow users to easily adjust /output and gain levels, set and recall presets, change IP configuration (Auto or Static), turn on/off phantom power, low-cut filter, automatic mixing and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), and more.

A full complement of signal processing is available for ins and outs including parametric EQ, compressor, limiter and feedback. Control and monitoring tools are accessible locally on the front panel or via the Web Remote interface from Windows, iOS or Android devices.

The ATDM0604 is equipped with four inputs, two Mic/Line inputs and one unbalanced stereo input, along with two and two unbalanced outputs. Network and USB ports are included along with A/B Audio-Technica Link ports that connects up to six ATDM-0604 mixers for simultaneous use within an expanded setup.

ATDM0604 will retail in Australia for $1,399.

Audio-Technica: www.audio-technica.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au

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