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November 1, 2016 News


has officially released the new Pro 5.0 with . ArKaos MediaMaster Pro is a solution for the control of real-time and effects which is specifically designed for desk operators and lighting designers, turning any into a powerful media server ready to perform at a professional level.

MediaMaster Pro lets you:

  • Precisely align the real-time video content over non-planar or curved screens
  • Transform any powerful computer into a Media Server for professional lighting consoles driven by DMX, Art-Net, Time Code and MIDI
  • Setup mapping projects quickly with just a few clicks on multiple outputs
  • Interactively place LED devices on the screen and view results real-time over ArtNet and Kling-Net
  • Play and mix audio tracks from movie files and turn any controller into a professional A/V mixer
  • Create powerful visual animations that react to the audio input

So what’s new in Version 5.0? In a word, MediaHub — a powerful new tool designed to:

  • Swiftly share your content between servers or computers over networks
  • Easily synchronise your content over networks
  • Remotely monitor the status of any additional machine running MediaMaster
  • Import your new content remotely in the library of any server
  • Organise your library of content remotely from any computer
  • Safely synchronise your newest content or your backup server just before a show

More Info:
ArKaos: www.arkaospro.net
Australian Distributor: www.ulagroup.com

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